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English Books

▪︎Some important books for English language learners :

Practical English Usage

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Practical English Usage answers the questions that teachers and learners ask about English grammar and vocabulary, using clear corpus-informed explanations and examples.More than 600 entries range across issues such as:
• using tenses
• the truth about conditionals
• article problems
• singular they
• get as a passive auxiliary
• bring or take?
• can, could, may or might?
• classic or classical?
• the language of emails
• politeness
• avoiding offensive language

New edition
Now organized into two main parts for quicker, easier reference
• Complete practical learner’s grammar
28 sections cover all the grammar and usage that learners need to know, including:
– the grammar of speech and formal writing
– British-American differences
– changes in English
– questions of style and idiom
– lists of learners’ most common mistakes

• Guide to vocabulary problems
– rules for word formation and spelling
– a survey of high-priority vocabulary areas
– an A-Z guide to over 250 common word problems.

English Grammar in Use

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English Grammar in Use Fourth Edition is an updated version of the best-selling grammar title. This new edition with answers: has a fresh, appealing new design and clear layout, with revised and updated examples is arranged in a tried-and-tested, easy to use format, with explanations of grammar points on each left-hand page and exercises to check understanding on the right is perfect for independent studying and the study guide helps learners to identify which language points to focus on contains lots of additional practice exercises to consolidate learning. The new edition of the English Grammar in Use Extra CD-ROM offers lots more practice exercises with audio recording and tests.

□ Contents :

▪︎ Articles and nouns Pronouns and determiners Relative clauses Adjectives and adverbs Conjunctions and prepositions Prepositions Phrasal verbs

▪︎ Appendix 1 : Regular and irregular verbs
▪︎ Appendix 2 : Present and past tenses
▪︎ Appendix 3 : The future
▪︎Appendix 4 : Modal verbs (can/ could/ will/ would etc.)
▪︎Appendix 5 : Short forms (Im/ youre/ didnt etc.)
▪︎Appendix 6 : Spelling
▪︎ Appendix 7 : American English Additional exercises Study guide Key to Exercises Key to Additional exercises Key to Study guide Index

Unlocking Your Word Power

A set of 3 books (Word Power Made easy + Instant Word Power + 30 Days to Better English)

With his unique and time-tested programme, bestselling author Norman Lewis has taught countless people how to use English correctly and effectively. Unlock Your Word Power offers the best of Lewis’s methods to help you with all-round language skills. From correct grammar and spelling, better vocabulary and pronunciation to flawless speaking and writing, you will gain the confidence you need for social, academic and career success. In these books you will get:
Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions
Quick, fun exercises to improve skills
A daily progress-tracking system
The correct usage of many words
The tools to become a self-assured speaker
The training to express your thoughts clearly
A large repository of different words
Unlock Your Word Power to emerge a winner!

Top English Books Recommend



1. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary


1. Advanced Grammar in Use

2. English Grammar in Use

3. Practical English Usage   


1. English Vocabulary in Use Advanced

2. Word Power Made Easy  


1. English Phrasal Verbs in Use Advanced


1. English Idioms in Use


1. English Collection in Use Advanced 


1. English Pronunciation in Use Advanced


1. The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS

2. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS  

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