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English Class 12 SUGGESTIONS 2022 for WBCHSE #ENGLISH2022

1 )The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond

Question No. 1:

1. Explain the significance of the title of  “The Eyes Have It” by Ruskin Bond.


“ She had beautiful eyes, but they were of no use” – Bring out the significance ( irony) of the title of 

‘The Eyes Have It’ in the light of the line.


“ She had beautiful eyes, but they were of no use” – Whose eyes are mentioned here ? Why were they useless to her ? Bring out the irony in the line. / Bring out the irony of the beautiful eyes in this line.

Question No. 2: 

“Yes, October is the best time” –Who is the speaker ? On what occasions is the remark made and to whom ? Why is October the best time ?


Give a short description of the landscape (beauty) of the Hills in October .


How did the narrator of  “The Eyes Have It” describe the landscape of the hills in October ?

2) Strong Roots by APJ Abdul Kalam

1. Description of Childhood/ Neighborhood

2. Influence of Kalam's father in his 

3. Relevance of Prayer

4. Adversity always presents opportunities for instrospection.

3) Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy

Question No. 1 :

A. What are the three questions that had occurred to Tsar ?

B. Why did he need the correct answers to those questions?

C. Why was he dissatisfied with the answer of the learned men ?

D. What did he do when he was not satisfied with the answers of the learned men ?

Question No. 2: 

Question No 2:

5. ) Asleep in the Valley by Arthur Rimbaud 

6). The Poetry of Earth by John Keats 

7.) The Proposal by Anton Chekhov 

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